‘Ill Truth’ are a Bristol based music production outfit formed of two members; a mutual love of mixing records in their early college days sparked a partnership that kick started their journey into electronic music. Over this time they have been creating a vast range of genres but at its core lies the sound of Drum & Bass.

Collectively, their influences have formed an eclectic blend of music that has shaped their own production and musical identity on both the darker and soulful sides of Drum & Bass. Not confining their sound to one particular corner, matched with their versatile, ‘battle like’ DJ performances has resulted in them quickly making a name for themselves across the UK and overseas.

Haden & Jay debuted their first set of releases in September 2016 on Lockdown Recordings & Lifestyle Music; two labels that have given them the freedom and trust to help mould their sound into what it is today.

Since then they’ve held down an impressive string of releases on established labels including: Soul Trader, Intrigue Music, Fokuz, Blendits, Vandal Records, Symmetry Recordings and Shogun Audio.
2018 was an important year and bore witness to the launch of ‘Ill Truth Presents Volume One’; a curated various artist album showcasing an impressive roster of upcoming and established artists as well as original content from themselves.

The future looks strong for Bristol’s dynamic duo and they aren’t slowing down any time soon! Ill Truth have been hard at work making their mark with music in the pipeline for C.I.A. Records, Flexout Audio, Lifestyle Music and plenty more behind the scenes that will be revealed in due course…..