1. Kontrast–Dawnings
2. Kontrast–Signs That I Love
3. Kontrast–Lasting Mystic
4. Kontrast–Close to You
5. Kontrast–Sovereign

Bristol drum & bass producer and DJ Kontrast has been making his presence felt throughout the drum & bass scene; for his
forthcoming release, he’s been welcomed into the Lockdown Recordings team, an imprint which has been flying the flag for independent labels making their own place within the dance music world. After years spent honing his craft, the newcomer producer has been putting together this next EP within his self-made studio. And his return to Lockdown Recordings proves that he’s become a defining part of the imprint, after his ‘Open Road’ EP in 2017 saw his name become more recognisable amongst his counterparts. With an education in sound design, his production techniques are of an undeniable quality and his sonic capabilities are also apparent throughout his forthcoming, five-track ‘Close to You’ EP on the imprint.

Kontrast represents one of the newcomer producers who are currently moulding the drum & bass world with their high levels of engineering. With his growing audience, alongside the fan base of Lockdown, his EP will represent a standout piece in the labels catalogue.

The relaxed, jazzy melodies which stream through his music always pushes a weighty undercurrent, something he’s pinned as a signature for his work. The low sub basslines striking through the heart of beginning cut ‘Dawnings’ sets a precedent for the EP and it’s one which is followed in quick succession by the next part of its track list ‘Signs That I Love’. Label manager

Cybin then joins Kontrast for ‘Lasting Mystic’, bringing through the sounds which have made both artists infamous within their circles. They merge their styles to present a side of Lockdown which highlights how they’ve elevated their platform within such a short space of time.

Title-track ‘Close to You’ is a defining part of the release and it boasts the moniker which Kontrast has stayed true to, yet honed diligently, since he first began producing. Then finishing the EP is ‘Sovereign’, drawing the package to a close and once again delivering through the rumbling subs and intricate beat layering which has made Kontrast such an identifiable force over the past two years.

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