Bristol-based Alex Loxham, aka Locksem has been involved in the world of electronic music for nearly 15 years. After taking his first steps in to production at the age of 14, he later promoted popular nights in his home town of Taunton, before securing a residency at Cardiff’s legendary Aperture club night alongside fellow artist Resonate. There the pair shared the stage with a who’s-who list of artists including Goldie, Dillinja, High Contrast and many more.

Throughout all of this, the focus for Locksem has remained in the studio, working to refine his deeper musical sound which strikes a balance between the dancefloor and the contemplative listener. His latest EP ‘Fosseway’ is a testament to that ethos, featuring both the darker and lighter sides of drum and bass, it’s a great sign of what to expect in the future from this producer.