Various Artists ‘Locked on Vol 2’
FULL RELEASE: 17th June 2019

1. Defex – Surface
2. Zerosum – Solar
3. Michael E.T. – Let Me Go
4. Telfonik – Clang

Press Release

Founded in 2003, Lockdown Recordings has spent over a decade solidifying their place within the drum & bass underground. Amongst a huge array of competition, they’ve enabled themselves to take center stage through a wide range of releases which have helped them to remain at the helm. Release after release they’ve shown their A&R flex and as a result, they’ve amassed a huge audience. And this audience is one which will anticipate their forthcoming various artists compilation, which features four artists who are building their roster into a formidable fortress of music.

The artists who are leading the charge for this next release, aptly named ‘Locked On Vol 2’ and the second part of their ‘Locked On’ series includes Defex, Zerosum, Michael E.T. and Telfonik. The Bristol based Defex is the first artist to have his take on the Lockdown Recordings sound and he begins with ‘Surface’. ‘Surface’ is a metallic, crunching record with drum loops sitting on top of its gliding synthesis. It’s a versatile look into the world of Defex and one marked by his creative landscapes. Zerosum comes next with ‘Solar’, a track which features the same high-arching production standards whilst also nodding to a darker soundscape. The track ebbs and flows through its murky composition, adding to its danceability through its wavering beat flurries.

Michael E.T. then offers up ‘Let Me Go’, daintier in its roll out despite its hard-hitting drum lulls and note arpeggios. Layer by layer the record flows into a watercolor of sound, presenting the perfect track for the forthcoming summer seasons. Finally, comes Telfonik’s ‘Clang’, which nods to his namesake through its jaunty rhythms and low-lying bassline. It’s one which strikes through the heart of ‘Clang’ and one which snaps its jaws around its diligent mix, something that won’t go unnoticed by listeners and DJs alike.

The EP encompasses what Lockdown Recordings are about and it’s something they’ve stuck to throughout their time releasing music. This is just a snapshot into that concept and the music given a place on this label does the talking. Their ‘Locked On’ volumes demonstrate this fact.